General Dentistry

James is committed to ensuring his regular patients have healthy mouths. Routine examinations and visits to the hygienist will help you avoid any unwanted dentistry!

Initial consultation (30 minutes)   £80
Routine examination from £65
Hygienist Visit from £45
Crown (per tooth) from £495
Porcelain Inlay from £495
Porcelain Bridge (per tooth) from £450
Composite (white) filling from £95
Root Canal (Simple) from £325
Root Canal (Complex) from £495

Cosmetic Treatment

Our cosmetic treatments provide the same dedication to clinical excellence as our general restorative work. The following steps help to ensure beautiful, predictable results:

  • Cosmetic consultation including digital photography and computer aided smile design - helping you to create your ideal smile.
  • Personal consultation with our master ceramist to discuss the individual elements of the design to determine the ideal shape and shade.
  • "3D" preview and "trial smile" to test drive the aesthetics before you start.
  • Detailed customisation of temporary restorations to ensure the final result is just as expected.
  • Final results made from the latest, strongest, most aesthetic materials by a master ceramist.
Initial consultation (60 minutes)   £160
"3D" preview / wax-up (per tooth) from £50
Consultation / Custom shade with master ceramist from £100
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth) from £685
Porcelain E.max Crown (per tooth) from £685
Porcelain Zirconia Crown (per tooth) from £885
Porcelain Bridge (per tooth) from £885
Implant Crown incl abutment (per tooth) from £1050
Bonding from £195
Whitening   £325

Smile Design Dentures

Many people think that dentures have been left behind in the cosmetic dental revolution, it's not so!
The latest technology and techniques allow us to create cosmetic dentures that are not only functionally excellent but restore your smile and even take 10 years off your whole face!

  • Impressions built up in layers allow perfect capture of the fine details needed for fit, comfort and stability.
  • "Gothic Arch" tracing to determine the ideal bite and face height.
  • Computer imaging and detailed wax previews allow customisation of aesthetics.
  • Final results made from the latest, strongest, most aesthetic materials by a master technician.
Partial Chrome Dentures from £1500
Full Denture (one jaw) from £1500
Full Dentures (both jaws) from £2500

For the ultimate in stability, implants can be used to retain the dentures. As little as 2 lower implants can make a big difference

Dental Implants

Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or the whole jaw. The complexity of the case will be reflected in the estimate provided. A definitive estimate may only be possible after a CT scan to assess quality and quantity of bone.

Initial Consultation   £72.50
CT Scan from £150
Implant Placement from £1250


No longer are braces thought of as being just for kids! Straight teeth look better, are more healthy and function better too.

Rapid techniques such as the Inman Aligner allow treatment to be complete in as little as 6 weeks!

Clear Aligners are super discreet and great for small movements.

Even fixed orthodontics can now be hidden from view using lingual braces. Braces on the front of the teeth (labial braces) can be made from clear materials.

Initial Consultation   £72.50
Inman Aligner (per jaw) from £1500
Clear Aligners from £600 (3 trays)
Fixed Labial Braces (per jaw) from £1750
Fixed Lingual Braces (per jaw) from £3500