James Russell is the Embarrassing Bodies Dentist providing advice and treatment on Channel 4's BAFTA winning TV programme

Perio & Denture

Case: Neil

Problem: Advanced gum disease, dental phobia.

Solution: Periodontal therapy (hygienist), tooth removal and denture.

When Dr James Russell first met Neil his gums were, by his own admission, in an appalling condition. The slightest touch made them bleed and Neil would wake up with blood all over his pillow, brushing was a very messy affair.

Neil had known this was an increasing problem for quite some time but, like so many people, his fear of the dental treatment prevented him from seeking a solution.

It's amazing how quickly the mouth heals and Neil was no exception, the bleeding had stopped after 2 visits! There was another big problem though, the gum disease had caused all the bony support for the lower 4 front teeth to be lost. The only solution was to remove these teeth and place a small denture. The denture was ready to be fitted before Neil's teeth were removed so there was never a period where he had no front teeth. The denture was made of a thin, flexible material that clicks around his natural teeth making for a comfortable, secure fit.

In the future, when Neil's mouth is fully healthy he will be able to replace the lower denture with dental implants and the top teeth can be made more even through dental bonding or porcelain veneers.