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Smile Makeovers

Like any cosmetic procedure, it's hugely important that you are informed and feel confident about the treatment you will receive.

Dr James Russell is one of only a handful of dentists to be accredited by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) in recognition of excellence in this discipline.

No matter how simple or complex the situation is, James has the experience and ability to plan and perform the required work to the highest standards.

Smile makeovers may involve simple whitening and bonding right up to a full mouth reconstruction using crowns, veneers and implants.

Steps to success

It's vital that final results exceed expectations - following these steps allows plenty of scope for discussion and adjustment, making the final fitting relaxing for everyone!

Step 1 - The Consultation

For many people who have worried about their smile this is the hardest step - don't worry - you'll soon be put at ease!

The consultation starts with a relaxed conversation followed by a detailed examination. Digital photographs will be taken to enable a computer simulation of the possible outcomes. Patients have detailed input into the design of their new smile even at this early stage. All options will be explained in detail and treatment plans / estimates provided.

Step 2 - Wax-up and trial smile

Detailed impressions are taken for the technician to build a wax preview based on the initial computer simulations.

Silicone guides made from the wax-up can be used to form an acrylic trial smile that can then be adjusted before any dentistry is even begun.

Step 3 - Preparations and temporaries

Teeth that require veneers / crowns / bridges are prepared and impressions taken. Temporary restorations are placed using the guides from the wax-up

Step 4 - Review Temporaries

This crucial step allows us to check that the tooth shape and shade and exactly what was expected and make any changes required. We never finalise anything until you're happy.

Step 5 - Fitting the final restorations

The temporaries are removed and the final restorations placed. You're ready to head out smiling!