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Cosmetic Dentures

Dr James Russell has a great deal of experience in providing dentures of the highest quality.

Many patients and dentists think that the huge advances in dentistry have left dentures behind but it's not the case! Using the latest techniques, materials and his knowledge of smile design Dr James Russell is able to provide you with dentures that are more secure and better looking than ever before.

New dentures can not only give you a great new smile but also take years off your whole face!

Denture Problems Solved!

Most denture wearers suffer from the effects of poorly fitting, unstable and uncomfortable dentures - see how the techniques used by Dr James Russell help to solve these problems:

The perfect fit:

One impression is just not enough! Custom made impression trays are further improved by building the final impression in thin layers. Each layer designed to capture perfect details of the fitting surfaces and muscles.

Accurate bite:

An unstable bite leads to unstable dentures so Dr James Russell will use a special device known as a gnathometer. This technique uses needle-point tracing to record and check the bite position to a very high level of accuracy.

Superior aesthetics:

Dentures really can provide the ultimate smile makeover. Dr James Russell's eye for aesthetics was recognised by the BACD and these skills can be used to make dentures look just like real teeth, or even better!

The shade, shape, size and position will all be customised with you and the dentures are only finished when the patient is 100% happy. Digital photography, video and computer simulations all help to make sure the result exceeds expectations.

Facial aesthetics:

Dentures are not just about the teeth! Many denture wearer find that their face and lips have collapsed giving a much more aged look. The great news is that this can be instantly reversed!

The gnathometer allows us to set the face / bite height very accurately based on patient feedback and precise measurements.

Dedicated aftercare:

Dentures need very precise adjustments to make them truly comfortable. Knowing this patients are booked in for review appointments to fine tune the final fit.