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Dental Veneers

Veneers are custom made, wafter thin pieces of ceramic that fit over the front surface of teeth. Designed to look like naturally perfect teeth the veneers can align teeth, close gaps, lighten teeth and even repair broken down teeth.

James is at the forefront of new no-preparation techniques which mean that we often don't even need to remove any of the natural tooth at all!

Time was crucial for this model who really wanted a more perfect smile for upcoming photo shoots.

Her main concerns were the rotated front 2 teeth but she also wanted a wider, whiter smile.

She knew exactly what she wanted and thankfully she wanted a perfect yet still natural smile.

We made sure that the shape was adjusted to be just right using computer imaging, a trial smile from the wax-up and then the temporaries - just because we needed to complete this quickly does not mean there should be any compromise.

10 porcelain veneers gave her stunning this result. Learn more ยป