Decay Denture
Decay Denture

James Russell is the Embarrassing Bodies Dentist providing advice and treatment on Channel 4's BAFTA winning TV programme

Decay & denture

Extreme Tooth Decay

Problem: Extreme tooth decay and missing teeth, dental phobia.

Solution: Partial denture, dental implants possible later.

For such a young guy, Thomas had extreme tooth decay caused by poor oral hygiene and a high sugar diet, especially fizzy drinks. Drinking these drinks before going to sleep can quickly reduce otherwise healthy teeth down to stumps. Thomas's dental phobia made matters worse; it's a downwards spiral as the more his teeth decayed the more he feared the eventually unavoidable dental treatment.

Modern dental treatment does not have to be painful and Thomas found that the treatment provided by Dr James Russell was much better than he expected, even though he needed over 10 teeth removed, 6 fillings and a denture. In the longer term Thomas will be able to have a much more precision fitting cosmetic denture, a dental bridge or for the ultimate result, dental implants.