James Russell is the Embarrassing Bodies Dentist providing advice and treatment on Channel 4's BAFTA winning TV programme

Severe Staining

Case: Katie

Problem: Tooth staining due to developmental / inherited condition.

Solution: Whitening and 2 porcelain veneers.

Katie's teeth came through stained. This is normally due to illness during the tooth's development or an inherited condition but in both situations the enamel, which normally protects the tooth, is stained and can also be much weaker.

Dr James Russell used tooth whitening and micro-abrasion to remove the more superficial stains but the 2 front teeth, which were more severely affected, needed thin porcelain veneers to mask the discoloration.

"It was a pleasure to help Katie get smiling again, there was nothing she could have done to prevent these problems but a simple solution brought huge benefits"
- James