USA Inman Aligner Courses

Sat on the train back to Shropshire, reflecting on an amazing few days in the USA teaching the Inman Aligner course.

We landed in Las Vegas on Wednesday, had a day to relax (not easy in Sin City) before running the course on Friday. Dr Ross Nash, dental legand and new Inman Aligner trainer was there to help Dr Tif Qureshi and myself.

We then flew to Orange County to run the course on Saturday. LA was hot and sunny, unfortunately we only got to see it through the window at lunch! This was probably my favourite Inman Aligner course ever. We had Dr Ross Nash helping again, Dr Rick DePaul was there fresh from running his Six Month Braces course. A massive thanks to him for helping us with the success of this event.

Dr Pascal Magne was also there as a delegate! This was a huge honour, even more so as he was so keen to get onto the course. The Inman Aligner and our concept of Progressive Smile Design fits perfectly with his philosophy. He has been a huge inspiration to me so was great to spend some time with him. Such a humble guy for someone so talented.

A slightly longer flight home than planned due to the US storms diverting our flight from LAX but almost home… for one day. Then off to Verona where I’m speaking for as an opinion leader Ivoclar Vivadent at their ELO meeting. Combo this with an Inman Aligner course in Manchester on Friday, Embarrassing Bodies filming on Friday evening – can’t wait for the weekend!

Inman Aligner Training Course
Tif Qureshi, Ross Nash, Rick DePaul, James Russell – all brought together by the Inman Aligner!