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July 2013 – Whitening + Crown

Simple but highly effective! No extra dentistry just replacement of existing dentistry to a higher level.

This case shows why the concept of Progressive Smile Design should always be followed.

A lot more dentistry could have been but the goal is a happy patient not a “perfect” smile. Starting with hygienist treatment, whitening then an e.max crown on the upper left central incisor and finally a little bonding at the neck of the upper left canine to replace the stained existing composite + bonding to mask the localised staining on the lower right central incisor.



February 2013 – Inman Aligner

Learning how to use the Inman Aligner for cosmetic orthodontics was one of the most significant moments in my dental training. It’s not just about the appliance itself but more about the philosophy of Progressive Smile Design.

Progressive Smile Design is all about allowing my patients to fully visualise each options available to them before moving onto other, more complex stages. This allows then to stop treatment when they are happy with the way their teeth look, giving them the control and allowing me to be less prescriptive. The great news for patients is that they often need less treatment, at less cost than they expected. The great news for me as a dentist is that I can be less invasive than ever before.

My smile of the month is a classic example of this.

My patient came in wanting to address her protruding upper lateral incisor teeth. She was open to all options but assumed that veneers were going to be the best option for both final aesthetics and also speed.

Luckily we could avoid veneers as, in her case, they would have been very invasive. I used an Inman Aligner and the case was complete in only 6 weeks!

She could have taken this further with some simple whitening or even bonding BUT she was happy just like this! That’s the magic of Progressive Smile Design – visualising your options.

Less expense, less time, happier patient!

Inman Aligner Shropshire
Inman Aligner – Before
Inman Aligner Shropshire
Inman Aligner – After 6 Weeks