Update on the new series of Embarrassing Bodies

I’m really excited about the new series of Embarrassing Bodies. Previous shows have had great reviews but I think that the new series will be better yet.

It’s also the first series that has been filmed at my new clinic in Shropshire.

I can’t give too much away but here is some info on what will be coming up!

Case 1 – This case made me so pleased that I was asked to be the Embarrassing Bodies Dentist. Her teeth were badly stained due to an enamel defect caused by a childhood illness. There are a number of options for this condition:

  • Tooth Whitening: sometimes minor staining can be disguised by simple whitening, if this is not effective then micro-abraision can be successful.
  • Micro-abraision: this is essentially an acidic pumice that safely removes the stained layer of enamel. It’s usually used in combination with whitening.
  • Bonding: dental bonding involves the artistic use of white filling materials to mask the stained areas. Sometimes it can be simply placed over the discolouration but when this is too dark some tooth reduction is often required.
  • Veneers: veneers are this porcelain facings that have a wide range of use in cosmetic dentistry. The latest materials are stronger and more aesthetic than ever before.

Keep an eye out for the new series airing soon – I’ll be able to post up details of what we actually did and images of the before and after situation, once it’s been on Channel 4!

Case 2 – This chap really needed to see me as the Embarrassing Bodies Dentist! Refreshingly honest, he was very open about neglecting teeth and I could tell immediately that he would change his ways once the damage was repaired.

The wrong diet, coupled with a lack of oral hygiene at home and infrequent dental visits can quickly lead to decay. Caught early, this can be treated with a simple filling. When the decay is more extensive on back teeth then an inlay or crown may be needed. Extensive decay on front teeth may result in a veneer or crown being indicated.

When teeth are very decayed and broken down, the cores of the teeth may need to be re-built using a white filling material and then crowns used to provide the final strength and aesthetics.

It was a great result for a deserving chap who’s changed his ways. I hope that his story helps others to address their fear or embarrassment and get their dental health back on track.

I’ll post images, details of what we did and more info as soon as his case has been aired.

Case 3 – I think that this could be one of the biggest changes during my time as the Embarrassing Bodies Dentist. A young girl, missing many teeth due to illness and medication. The result was someone who was truly embarrassed to smile and it was really affecting her day to day life.

In situations like this I usually need to save as many of the remaining teeth as I can and then we can replace the missing teeth with either dental implants or cosmetic dentures.

I really hope that the final result comes out well on TV – we’ve yet to film it but things are looking great so far….